31st day

Here I am, ready for February and the weekend ahead. I have 2 big posts in draft mode that I’ll share this weekend. The first is a 5 year review of my life in Japan (not a 5-year long post, though, I have learned to trim it down). And after that I’ll have a rant […]

What 2014 Has In Store

I’ll be writing a little more starting in February. I’ll be picking up the pace of publishing once again. Things have been hectic, but hectic in a good way. Some big, exciting experiences on the horizon – and I’m going to keep writing here to keep a record of life and the journey that it […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Maebashi, Japan. Mia and I are spending the week with the in-laws and visiting Ayako every day. Things are busy here with the ritual end-of-year and new year celebrations. I experienced one new thing this year: going to a garden and pulling up daikon, hakusai, mizuna, and other vegetables for our […]