Warm Weather Already

Although there are mountains of snow still littering the sides of the road here in Maebashi, Gunma, the weather has taken a turn for the warmer. It’s nearing 60 degrees during the day, a pleasant change from the past couple of months. The snow and cold sure do help one appreciate the warmer winds when […]

Isehiro Oldest Yakitori in Tokyo

This week for lunch we enjoyed some great yakotori from the oldest Yakitori-ya in Tokyo. Isehiro in Kyobashi, just 10 minute walk from Medidata’s office on the other side of Tokyo station. This place opened in the Taisho era, 1921, just 2 years before the great kanto earthquake. Apparently, it was a favorite of Isejiro […]

60 Days in the Hospital

Today, finally, my wife left the hospital after having spent 60 days there. Yes, if you weren’t aware, Ayako has been in the hospital since mid to late December. Back before Christmas, Ayako travelled about 2 hours away to Maebashi, Gunma to visit the hospital where our second child will be born. On that day, […]

New Places

Today, Mia’s preschool is having class in a new part of their building while the usual area is being rennovated for earthquake preparation. Mia was really nervous about the new place, it was new to her even though the people were the same. Today, I’m going to the new Medidata Japan office overlooking Tokyo station […]

1 percent

My iPhone battery has displayed only 1% battery power for the last 5 hours. That is all.