5 Years in Japan

So, I wasn’t able to post on my Japan day, January 20th, the day I came to Japan 5 years prior — because I was actually traveling in the US! Imagine that.

My fifth year was very busy, and chock full of brand new experiences. I have to say it was perhaps the busiest year yet and without a doubt an enjoyable busy time. So what transpired in year 5 of my life in Japan? I thought you’d never ask:

So there it is, a bunch of highlights from year 5 in those bullet points up there. So what’s my takeaway?

Year 5 was extremely busy and certainly upbeat. I’ve felt that life in Japan has steadily put pressure on the accelerator of life — I’m experiencing and challenging myself more in different ways — ways I never could back in the States (well, I wouldn’t quite see them as challenges there). It’s still amazing to me to look at that blur of a year and realize it didn’t pass without some amazing things coming to fruition. Getting permanent residence status and building a house on land I own in less than 4 and a half years since I made that trip over the pacific are front and center in my mind.

And it makes me wonder, how can I possibly top those previous years in 2014? How can I push myself? Where should my time be spent?

I feel like this year is going to be special. Already on the horizon are some great things. Our second child will be born. Another daughter (melt my heart!!!). I’ll be spending more time than I ever have with family. Yet, I expect my friends will see a great deal of me this year as well. Startups, personal projects, hobbies — they’ll all be there. In fact, everything that will happen this year will be the culmination of all the things I started one, two or even three years prior. Momentum builds and I expect to keep pushing things forward.

New ventures, hobbies, and goals will be a part of this year — but much smaller than before (I don’t expect to build another house within the next 5 years, although I will most definitely do it again someday). I’ll devote most of my time and energy this year to strengthening those relationships I’ve built over the years, to growing my hobby projects, and to enjoying life with all my family and friends.

Yep, 2014, I’m ready and excited for this next chapter in my life in Japan.

Simple. Positive. Active.

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