Tax Tax Tax

Starting tomorrow, April 1st, Japan’s sales tax increases from the current 5% to 8%. Everything sold in Japan gets the tax added on (food, clothes, cars, houses, etc…). Tonight, when passing the local grocery store, it was clearly being overrun by tax-mad shoppers trying to buy up everything they needed before the new tax hits. […]

Bad drivers in Japan

Japanese drivers tend to be patient, cautious, and slower than the Americans I’ve ridden with. But they also happen to be horrible at noticing objects in the way when backing up. Last Fall I added these planters to the end of my car space to keep the surprisingly large number of people that wanted to […]

I need a mamachari

A mamachari, I need one. Mia is getting heavier to the point that I can’t carry her and 3 bags of groceries anymore. We have a spot for a car, but I don’t need one yet, so we’ll wait on that for another year or two (I think). But I do need a way to […]

Healthy Baby, Soon Reunited

Just a note. Our second child was born last week. She’s healthy and so is Ayako. They’ll be home later this week and life will return to a new normal.