JapanDay Update coming soon

I planned on writing a JapanDay update today. But, after reviewing my previous years’ posts, I decided to give myself a couple days to prepare this update. Year 6 in Japan has completed, and I think it deserves a special review. I’ll do that this week. Until that time, I’ll reminisce while reading my previous […]

Japanese, License, Weight

Three big goals for this year: 1) Continue improving my Japanese. I’m taking the JLPT in July and am currently in a 90 minute lesson every week. 2) Get a driver’s license. I’ve got a few hurdles to jump for this. First I have to get proof that I had been driving for a couple […]

End of an Era

Not sure how often I’ll update this blog going forward. I’ve really enjoyed writing here, but it’s no longer as important to me as it once was. I reached the goal I set out with: document my life in Japan, the strange things I saw, and things I learned so I could remember what those […]

Omiyamaeri for Sheila

Here’s Mia’s Sheila turned 1 month old just a couple weeks ago. Last week we completed a Shinto ceremony for her at the same Shrine in Gunma where Mia went. This time the ceremony only lasted 10 minutes, because we were the only family there. Beautiful weather that day!