Ruby on Rails on Roomba

This page will hold a few notes and ramblings about my Roomba hacking project and the Railsconf 2012 presentation that was a product of it. I plan on updating it from time to time as things cross my mind. I’ll try to keep it somewhat organized. Eventually, the majority of useful notes and such will find their way into the project repository hosted at github.com/tokyorails/rrroomba

Hardware (each list item is a completely separate way to interface with the roomba)

  • Serial cable at Sparkfun.com or search for a used 8 pin mac serial cable
  • Bluetooth connector at Sparkfun.com
  • Arduino Uno at Sparkfun (+need a serial cable) 日本は秋葉原の千石電気屋で見つかれる
  • Wifly at Sparkfun but you also need this logic level converter and this power converter (+cables, soldering iron, tools, etc) 日本は秋葉原の千石電気屋で見つかれる

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